Need to back track to May 17th, 2015

I need to do some backtracking for things that we did while in Denver before we went to the Red Rocks Amphitheater on Monday, May 18th. I guess I was so jazzed by the size and beauty of the Amphitheater, that I forgot to include two stops we made on Sunday, May 17th.

Celestial Seasonings Tea was our 1st stop on Sunday. Although the plant was not working, it was still a nice tour, seeing the large quantities of tea and spices ready to be blended into their special brews. We started out with a movie about the beginnings of the company. The tour included a peppermint room, where all the peppermint is kept in one enclosed room. Peppermint is very aromatic and can permeate other ingredients if not kept separate. We had gotten to the factory just as the tour started so were unable to sample any teas at that time. Once the tour was complete, we went back to the tasting room and tried about 3-4 different brews. There were about 8 other teas to be tried, but they did not tweak our interest. I also did a bit of shopping for Christmas….hope I do not forget that I have them! There were all sorts of teas and tins, cups and spoon rests and tea kettles.

The picture below, from the Celestial Seasonings web site, shows where many of the herbs and teas are obtained. Some of the mint comes from the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

Tea Map Illustration

Per the web site ( in 1969, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs founded Celestial Seasonings upon the belief that their flavorful, all-natural herbal teas could help people live healthier lives. “They harvested fresh herbs from the Rocky Mountains by hand, and then dried, blended and packaged them in hand-sewn muslin bags to be sold at local health food stores.” The cottage industry became an almost overnight success. Celestial Seasonings is one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in North America. They serve more than 1.6 billion cups of tea every year, and source more than 100 different ingredients from over 35 countries to create our delicious, all-natural herbal, green, red, white, chai and wellness teas. Some of the tea farm tea plants are as old as 100 years was the response I got when asking how often the plants need to be replaced! If hope if anyone is in the area, that they take the time to tour and taste the various teas. 

About a mile or so down the road from Celestial Seasonings Tea, we traveled to the Leanin’ Tree Museum with western-themed sculptures & paintings from the private collection of Ed Trumble (admission is free). There were many art works and all beautiful to look at. This is a company that is known for their greeting cards, that are as colorful as many of the original art works in the museum.

I enjoy the cards, especially for the cowboy humor in some of the more ‘colorful’ cards. There were also many sculptures in the entry yard. Since we were there on a Sunday, there were no tours to watch the cards being made.

I worked hard with the last blog entry to make sure that there were photos to show what I was referencing or what we were seeing. Unfortunately they did not move from the original document to the blog posting itself. I will eventually get it “fixed.”