Thursday May 7, 2015 Lemons to lemonade

Thursday May 7, 2015

Good afternoon to all. I have not posted for a few days. We have had more than our fair share of adventures, but not the camping kind.

Last Friday April 30th we were driving on I-70 with plans to reach Denver by Saturday morning. We stopped in Fruita to fuel up before hitting the mountains. Fruita, Grand Junction and several other small communities sit in a valley with beautiful plateaus around it. Going east, up some hills, alongside the Colorado River, we noticed that we seemed to be slowing down, rather than speeding up. Jack had the petal to the metal and could not get going much faster than 15 MPH. But on the bright side, going down hill we could get up to 60 MPH! After 1-2 miles of the slow speed with 18-wheelers passing us as if we were standing still and we pulled off in a community called Parachute. We made a call to the insurance company we made arrangements for a low-boy hauler (normally hauls mining size equipment) to pick up the motor home and deliver it back to Grand Junction at a repair place. At first we thought it might be water in the fuel line. After sitting in the RV repair dirt parking lot that backed into a major train rail, Friday night and the rest of the week end, someone finally got to look at the fuel pump on Monday afternoon. They changed it out, but other than a little bit of dirt, could not find any water. Tuesday morning, we settled the bill and the RV Repair Service recommended we might try one of the Cummins dealers in the area to hook up via the diagnostic equipment that they have that goes to our engine. We did and Cummins diagnosed the problem, repaired it in about 4 hours and had us on our way.

By now it is late in the day and we decided to spend the night and get going early on Wednesday. Well in the process of locating a RV Park, we missed a driveway with the motor home. The tilt it made, dislodged the refrigerator and torqued the windshield, besides spewing the contents of the shelves all over the floor. Long story short….the RV refrigerator is up and running, but needs some rebuild of the case (to be done on Tuesday May 12) and the windshield is on its way from Eugene OR with install hopefully on Wednesday May 13.

Can I tell you about the weather of the last two days. The sky is blue with fluffy white clouds, the next thing you know, the clouds turn BLACK, winds pick up and it pours. And we both get flash flood warnings on our phones! Then a few minutes later, the clouds have moved over the plateau on the East, dumping rain over that area. In Washington we can usually tell what is coming. And I have no idea which direction the weather moves around here.

The whole goal of this leg of our trip was to see my friend from nurses training who now lives in the Denver area. I have been keeping her up to date on our “projected date of arrival”. This a.m. She let me know that they are leaving on May 14th for a trip, returning on May 18th. The two of us have been trying to get together for at least the last 5 years. Well, dang it, I am not going to miss her this time. Jack and I will find an RV Park in the Denver area, do some sightseeing and wait for their return on the 18th.

While here in Grand Junction (population just shy of 60,000) we will see some of the National/State Parks and other sights. On line the recommendations are: a taste of something local, because the city is nestled in Colorado’s fertile Grand Valley. The summer and fall include a bounty of fresh local produce, including the famous Palisade peaches. Unfortunately the peach crop is not ready until August. There are several fruit orchards going east from Grand Junction. The area is also known as Colorado’s wine country, and as the home to some of Colorado’s best wineries and vineyards. Tours and tastings are available seasonally. For the beer devotee there are two brewpubs which serve up a selection of their own special beers. Neither Jack or I imbibe (health reasons) but love the names of many of the alcoholic beverages.


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