Thursday, April 23-30, 2015

I dislike posting so many days at a time, however when traveling and computer connections do not cooperate, that is what happens!

(44,722.0) Thursday April 23rd left OR for Eureka CA. Stopped for 3 nights at Shoreline RV Park. Nice pull through spaces, full service. Visited Dale & Kay, Took a driving tour of old town historic Eureka and the many Victorian homes of Ferndale. Also checked out the old, old cemetery of Ferndale located on a hillside with roads made for the horse and buggy width or later cars from the 20’s and 30’s. It seems that the area is in touch with its historic side and to make changes you need lots of plans and permissions. I would have liked to stop and walk through the cemetery, however, we were running late and Dale needed to assist Kay with a tire problem.

(45,069.7) Sunday April 26, 2015, we drove from Eureka, CA to Yuba City CA, having gone south to Ukiah before crossing over to CA 20. We went through some hills on our way east, with at least two large lakes of fresh water, then through large farms and orchards. We stayed at WalMart, 1150 Harter Pkwy, Yuba City, CA (530) 751-0130, and parked on the outskirts of the parking lot, as instructed. Although we had permission to park in their lot, the lot itself was not big-RV friendly. But I did some shopping at Michael’s (yarn) and WalMart.

(45,334.0) Monday, April 27, 2015, after a night with limited sleep in Yuba City CA we headed to Fernley NV. We stopped, parked the motorhome in a mini-mall in Auburn CA. We proceeded to the New Auburn Cemetery to view the gravesite of my Aunt Alma and Uncle Clayton. Uncle Clayton was my mother’s brother and the last of his generation to pass away. It makes me feel old to be part of the now older generation. However, we have children and nieces and nephews to carry on. We hooked back up with the MH and proceeded to Fernley, NV, Pilot Flying J had a truck wash next door, so before we settled for the evening we drove the MH and attached Jeep through the vehicle wash. WOW, they did a nice job. Big bays with spray hoses similar to those that seem to be in most towns for your personal vehicles. But these were for the BIG BOYS. We saw cattle haulers, regular 18-wheelers, tankers, and car haulers. This operation was open 24/7 and they seemed busy.

(45,525.2) Tuesday, April 28, 2015 we drove from Fernley NV to Elko, NV. Jack and I discussed taking Highway 50 (also known as the Lincoln Highway) to Ely, NV as it would take us in a more easterly route to get to Denver.

(Here is what I found out about Highway 50: BETWEEN SAN FRANCISCO AND THE CHESAPEAKE BAY Running coast-to-coast through the heart of America on a 3,200-mile odyssey from sea to shining sea, US-50 passes through a dozen different states and four state capitals, as well as the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Along the route are some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes: the Sierra Nevada and the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, the endless farmlands of the Great Plains, and the desiccated deserts of Utah and Nevada. It follows the footsteps of pioneers, and gives a reverse time line of national development. Heading west to east, you can travel back in history from the cutting-edge high tech of contemporary Silicon Valley, across the Wild West frontier of the mid-1800s, and through lands the likes of Daniel Boone and countless others pioneered in the 1700s, before arriving at the Atlantic Ocean near some of the oldest and best-preserved colonial-era landscapes in the United States. All the way across the country, US-50 passes through literally hundreds of timeworn small towns, the great majority of which have survived despite the modern onslaught of Wal-Marts and fast-food franchises. Blue Highways author William Least Heat-Moon writes about US-50, “for the unhurried, this little-known highway is the best national road across the middle of the United States.” The route offers such a compelling cross-section of the nation that Time magazine devoted nearly an entire issue (July 7, 1997) to telling the story of the road it called the “Backbone of America.” From its start at San Francisco, the route cuts across California’s midsection, passing the state capital at Sacramento before following the route of the old Pony Express up into the Sierra Nevada to the shores of Lake Tahoe and into Nevada. The Nevada portion of the route, dubbed “The Loneliest Road in America” by travel writers and tourist boards, is one of the most compelling long-distance drives in the country—provided you find miles and miles of little more than mountains, sagebrush, and blue sky compelling. The Great Basin desert continues across half of Utah, but then the route climbs over the Wasatch Front and onto the national park–packed red-rock country of the Colorado Plateau. Continuing east, you cross the Continental Divide atop the Rockies, then follow the Arkansas River along the historic Santa Fe Trail. For fans of vanishing Americana, the route really comes into its own here across the Great Plains, with its hypnotically repetitive landscape of water towers, windmills, railroad tracks, and one small town after another. After bisecting Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis, US-50 crosses the Mississippi River into a much older and more settled landscape, through the agricultural heartlands of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. After climbing into the Appalachian backwoods of West Virginia, US-50 emerges suddenly into the wealth and power of downtown Washington, D.C., before passing through the still perfectly picturesque fishing and farming communities of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Credit for this information goes to the web site regarding the Lincoln Highway.)

But better minds (AKA Jack) prevailed. Better to stay on major interstate highways then venture to the unknown. If we had a break down, then we might be easier to find. And I must say that Nevada is much like Arizona, lots of dry land, good for growing sage brush. Not a lot of exits full of stores or gas stations. Got to Elko, NV and pulled into the Double Dice RV Park with full hook ups. We decided to spend two nights here and you might ask why. First some housekeeping in the rig. Then we looked for things to do on Wednesday.

Might as well see the sites. Wednesday April 29, 2015 Our first stop was the Northeastern Nevada Museum 1515 Idaho St, Elko, NV. I hope to be able to download pictures from the camera, so I can share with all of you. This museum had several collections, one from Will James, an artist and writer. The 2nd is art from Edward Borein, both make up the flagship of the permanent Western Art Collection. There are regional exhibits reflecting the western exploration, railroads and ranching. There are exhibits of Indian baskets, clothing from the late 1800’s, living room from that era and a old type-set printing shop. They also have two extensive gun collections on permanent display. The Wanamaker Wildlife Exhibit was added to the museum in 1999, in it’s own wing. Nevada’s largest collection of wild animals from around the world is located here and is amazing.

Next to the Museum is the Chamber of Commerce housed in the Sherman Station, a 100-plus year old former stagecoach station. Walking up to the front door, you can’t help but think that a stagecoach just might pull up at any moment. Completing the image is the fact the two-story structure, which sits in a shaded park near the center of Elko, is made of two-foot-thick bristlecone pine logs. The corners have definite dovetail fittings. Across the front porch is three rocking chairs, inviting one to “sit a spell”. Inside the main station building, visitors can view a re-creation of an early 1900s parlor, which contains original artifacts and antiques that belonged to the Walther family, the station’s original owners. The history is fascinating to read about, however the interior of the Visitor Center is not as thoroughly restored as one would expect. It was a disappointment.

We decided to check out the California Trail Interpretive Center, about 8 miles west of Elko and built by the Bureau of Land Management, who continue to manage it. There is a to-scale map of the Great Basin which depicts the many trails pioneers took to cross the desert from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Elko, Nevada area on their journey to California. Original artwork, native plants, and interpretive waysides are strategically placed along the plaza to help tell the story of the landscape and the people. Between 1841 and 1869, up to 250,000 people sold their belongings, packed wagons, and set out for California for a 2,000 mile trek. (There are no confirmed number of those who died during this arduous travel.) A greater understanding of the California Trail story can be gained through the exhibits. The videos were not working at the time of our visit. An outdoor pioneer encampment features covered wagons, handcarts, and tents. Contrasted with this is the traditional Shoshone summer camp, located a short walk from the pioneer camp. The Center is located eight miles west of Elko at Hunter Exit 292. Parking is available for cars, trucks, RVs and campers and admission is at no charge.

(45784.4) Today is Thursday, April 30, and we got on the road again about 8:30 am. We drove by the Great Salt Lake and could clearly see the Morton Salt Plant (no tours, darn!) We have stopped for the night at a Flying J Travel Plaza in Provo, UT. Head to Grand Junction, CO tomorrow with this leg’s final destination in the Denver area on Saturday.

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