My husband and I are a 15-year married, 60+ something couple, living in a home in the Pacific Northwest.

Jack is a VietNam veteran, sustained a massive head injury, making a recovery but with several deficits in memory and ambulation. The Marines discharged him after his physical therapy was completed and told him to go home and do nothing more strenuous than carry a cup of coffee. His family continued with his rehab and he took on many leadership activities in the household. His travel has been limited due to restrictions in his abilities and family responsibilities. His home and family reside in the East, primarily Maryland with many in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I am a registered nurse, who after 45 years of working decided to hang up my bandage scissors and retire. I have lived primarily in Washington State with time spent in Arizona and Southern California. Retirement, what a dirty word that can be. What to do? Certainly there are several books on the library shelves or the book store to obtain and read. But after several days of sitting on our bums, it is rather boring. We are not used to going out in the evening so Bingo is not our choice. Movie going is fun but unless it is a matinee–that is just to darn expensive.

Jack and I met (over the internet) and married later in our lives. There are many things in the United States that neither of us have seen. One of our goals was to do more traveling. After failing to be ready to leave last fall, we decided to leave Washington on April 9th, 2015 and tour the United States. Our plan will be to visit friends and family and research genealogy along the way. This trip will not be boring!! We hope to travel slow and easy, returning in about a year.


We love to travel and I enjoy putting down on paper where we are going and what we have seen. Usually on a daily basis. This allows us to review our memories and share. We send via e-mail to our friends the narrative of the day’s events. I know that not everyone is interested in what I am writing, but it is a nice way to journal the ‘Adventures of Jack and Judy’. We began this process when we traveled with friends to Alaska. It was a wonderful journey, a once in a lifetime adventure. And so many different animals, weather, scenery, people and things to look at and do. We then carried on that tradition when we traveled to Florida with a whole new set of animals, weather, scenery and things to do.

Current status

Today is Monday, March 23, 2015 and we are working to get everything settled here at home and putting supplies in our motorhome to start our journey on April 9, 2015. We have a 40-foot Monaco diesel pusher and pull a Jeep for local sightseeing.

The list of things to do to make this trip a reality is getting shorter. Although it feels like I cross off two things and add one. I guess that is true with any plans. I am also hoping to get the house to a point where it feels right to let our friends move in while we are gone. That means both Jack and I are finishing up so many of the projects that we have started and not finished. We are racing to get it all done.


To keep track of our journeys, in the past I would write about what we had done and seen. Now I am going to try a blog. Little did I know, I would start on a new learning curve and it is not as easy as saying “We have a blog. Read it. You will know what we are doing.” HA, not so easy. I am sure I will make the classic mistakes (spelling errors among others.) Learning how to apply spell check and adding pictures are just a couple of the many things I need to educate myself on.

This is a new format, blogging, for us. We have written journal-like entries when traveling to both Alaska and then again to Florida. However, blogging will allow us to add as we choose, with readers able to view when they have time or the inclination.

Friday 4/17/2015

We have been in Guaranty RV, Junction City, OR, having some more work done on the motorhome. The roof is being repaired/renewed. Got lots of it done on the 17th but still have the rest of the roof to complete and two oil changes (the generator and the diesel engine.)

We are spending the week end in Junction City, OR. Small towns (population 5,650) have nice libraries. The use of the computers is free to the public. I am able to take my information and documents on the thumb drive and work from that at this library. The librarian is also helpful.

Little did I know how much work would go into a blog when I decided that this might be the avenue to share our travels with family and friends. Frankly, if only one person reads this, it is not worth the energy.

Now I have printed out over 34 pages of information to try to simplify what I post and to make it interesting. How that works remains to be seen. Now we have started our journey and I am still not up to speed on blogging.

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